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current ship movements

01:59 : TwiceRight´s Kraweel reached the quay at the port of Smyrna.

01:55 : A grand merchant fleet, consisting of 7 ships from Arcenios, leaving the Port of Susa towards Bengasi.

01:55 : In the Rhodos cast off a big merchant fleet of Rellys Schmankerleck. If all goes well, it should soon arrive in Beirut.

01:53 : A Schnelle Scholle von Arcenios takes just course from Smyrna to Korfu on.

01:52 : In the port of Korfu shall arrives just a grand merchant fleet of Arcenios.

01:52 : In the port of Algier shall arrives just a grand merchant fleet of pmjrutjes.

01:49 : In the port of Ajaccio shall arrives just a powerful merchant fleet of Carlos Pantera.

01:47 : A Chatte of TwiceRight is currently arriving the port of a Athen.

01:39 : TwiceRight´s Schnelle Scholle reached the quay at the port of Konstantinopel.

01:39 : In the port of Rhodos shall arrives just a big merchant fleet of Meph68.

    • Familie BrowsergameRise to mighty councillorTake important offices and expand your village to a trading metropolis
    • Schatzkammer im online HandelsspielBuild your own trading empireSet up lucrative production trees to gain valuable goods which can be selled.
    • Achtung Piraten in sichtRule the whole Mediterranean:Discover and visit foreign harbour towns with your giant fleet - from alexandria to venice.


    Middle Ages Easter 2015

    Pirate Easter Rabbit

    In the Venetian countries the Easter Bunny is on his way. Keep an eye out to find 5 eggs per hour. What is in the eggs? Let yourself be surprised. The Easter celebration in the Venetian Middle Ages simulation will fascinate you.

    Big january 2015 update

    Middle Ages browser game pirate

    Also this year, your Middle Ages game will start with a glitzy Update. Many new pirate missions await all Guilds. The pirates on your island will be stronger and more scrupulous than ever before. In order to capture the pirates’ treasure, you’ll need better ships. That’s why there are now available 120 more classes of warships. Build your new ship today and experience this great adventure in your Middle Ages browser game, Venezia.

    Halloween event 2014

    Halloween 2013

    A sea of light pours through the port of Genoa. The sailors hollowed out pumpkins and put hundreds of candles in them. The hull, the stern, the mast, the whole ship sparkled in the night. People ran around in the streets wearing scary masks. They drank, danced and laughed. The Irish immigrants had brought their tradition. And now it has spread through the whole city. That was 100 years ago. Presently, this custom is found over the whole Mediterranean-from Lisbon to Rome to Jaffa-within the free browser game Venetians, the great trading game.

    The Venetians team wishes you a nice Halloween time.

  • About the game

    Set up your own giant empire over the whole Mediterranean with clever trading. By producing and selling of valuable goods you'll become a wealthy man.

    Set sails and discover new harbour towns and lucrative trading spots. Learn master the dangers of the sea and rise to become an experienced salesman.

    Come together with many other players in guilds and take important offices to gain more power and incluence within your town.