Venetians - Merchant's Dynasty

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current ship movements

03:51 : Im Hafen von Port_said trifft soeben eine prächtige Handelsflotte von Babache67 ein.

03:48 : Die große Handelsflotte von Babache67 läuft soeben in Ajaccio ein.

03:21 : Im Hafen von Marseille trifft soeben eine große Handelsflotte von Krolock ein.

03:20 : Die mächtige Handelsflotte von Sabby läuft soeben in Nizza ein.

03:03 : Im Hafen von Cartagena trifft soeben eine prächtige Handelsflotte von ?Firehouse? ein.

03:03 : Eine Schnelle Scholle von perlius läuft gerade den Hafen von Cadiz ein.

02:51 : Im Hafen von Alexandria trifft soeben eine große Handelsflotte von Alexis de Breyves ein.

02:29 : Die mächtige Handelsflotte von unute läuft soeben in Napoli ein.

02:23 : Im Hafen von Alexandria trifft soeben eine mächtige Handelsflotte von Sabby ein.

02:20 : Im Hafen von Nizza trifft soeben eine große Handelsflotte von Alexis de Breyves ein.

    • Familie BrowsergameRise to mighty councillorTake important offices and expand your village to a trading metropolis
    • Schatzkammer im online HandelsspielBuild your own trading empireSet up lucrative production trees to gain valuable goods which can be selled.
    • Achtung Piraten in sichtRule the whole Mediterranean:Discover and visit foreign harbour towns with your giant fleet - from alexandria to venice.


    big february 2014 update

    Guild kontor economic simulationFrom now on you can jointly manage all your goods with the extensive guild Kontor. Support each other as you build the largest ships on the seas in "Venetian", an economic simulation game. Now your guild can assist you in finding apprenticeships for your children, the expansion of your office, the construction of ships, or even expanding your private land.
    All details regarding this trading game can be found in the Forum or Wiki.

    Happy New Year 2014

    browser game 2014

    After your successfully helped Santa relocating his presents, the new year was not that far away. The team of “The-Venetians” wishes a happy new year 2014 to all of you. We are sure you will enjoy the venetian world as much as in 2013. In the new year there will be a lot updates to the browser game like in the years before. Stay tuned. We are happy to welcome you in the game and the forum.

    I need your help!

    Santa ClausI think my reindeer have had a glass of wine too many. At a sharp left turn with my sleigh, I lost all my presents. You may find my lost presents every 12 hours, or so, on your own land or on your friends' lands. However, you have to search a little bit. The gifts are hidden and will appear day after day. I need 30 of presents minimum back. Please find them, return them, and I will reward you royally with a really great Christmas surprise.

  • About the game

    Set up your own giant empire over the whole Mediterranean with clever trading. By producing and selling of valuable goods you'll become a wealthy man.

    Set sails and discover new harbour towns and lucrative trading spots. Learn master the dangers of the sea and rise to become an experienced salesman.

    Come together with many other players in guilds and take important offices to gain more power and incluence within your town.