Venetians - Merchant's Dynasty

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current ship movements

04:54 : In the port of Beirut shall arrives just a powerful merchant fleet of twin.

04:53 : A powerful merchant fleet, consisting of 8 ships from Lucy111, leaving the Port of Oran towards Constanta.

04:52 : In the port of Malaga shall arrives just a powerful merchant fleet of Jeanne de Sauveterre.

04:52 : A von von Gelsen takes just course from Konstantinopel to Zypern on.

04:51 : TwiceRight´s big merchant fleet of 4 ships starts from Antalya towards Smyrna.

04:51 : TwiceRight´s Balinger reached the quay at the port of Konstantinopel.

04:51 : A von TwiceRight takes just course from Antalya to Zypern on.

04:49 : In the Kreata-candia cast off a powerful merchant fleet of Ladywe. If all goes well, it should soon arrive in Alexandria.

04:48 : In the port of Antalya shall arrives just a grand merchant fleet of TwiceRight.

04:48 : In the port of Ajaccio shall arrives just a powerful merchant fleet of Amarylisis.

    • Familie BrowsergameRise to mighty councillorTake important offices and expand your village to a trading metropolis
    • Schatzkammer im online HandelsspielBuild your own trading empireSet up lucrative production trees to gain valuable goods which can be selled.
    • Achtung Piraten in sichtRule the whole Mediterranean:Discover and visit foreign harbour towns with your giant fleet - from alexandria to venice.

    Middle Ages Easter 2015

    Pirate Easter Rabbit

    In the Venetian countries the Easter Bunny is on his way. Keep an eye out to find 5 eggs per hour. What is in the eggs? Let yourself be surprised. The Easter celebration in the Venetian Middle Ages simulation will fascinate you.