Venetians - Merchant's Dynasty

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current ship movements

10:55 : In the port of Oran shall arrives just a powerful merchant fleet of William Guinness.

10:53 : The powerful merchant fleet of gandula just arrives into the harbor of Smyrna.

10:53 : zorro´s Schnelle Scholle reached the quay at the port of Algier.

10:52 : In the port of Athen shall arrives just a grand merchant fleet of Jeanne de Sauveterre.

10:50 : zorro´s gigantic merchant fleet of 10 ships starts from Malta towards Rabat.

10:49 : The powerful merchant fleet of zorro just arrives into the harbor of Malta.

10:49 : A Bombarde von zorro takes just course from Rabat to Marseille on.

10:49 : The powerful merchant fleet of Declan Lowry just arrives into the harbor of Messina.

10:48 : von Gelsen´s big merchant fleet of 2 ships starts from Rabat towards Gibraltar.

10:47 : The powerful merchant fleet of Pomus just arrives into the harbor of Napoli.

    • Familie BrowsergameRise to mighty councillorTake important offices and expand your village to a trading metropolis
    • Schatzkammer im online HandelsspielBuild your own trading empireSet up lucrative production trees to gain valuable goods which can be selled.
    • Achtung Piraten in sichtRule the whole Mediterranean:Discover and visit foreign harbour towns with your giant fleet - from alexandria to venice.

    Large Black Market Brotherhood Meeting

    Trade Game Medival Black Market

    Every year, in July, the black marketeers meet in Rabat from around the world. Main topics are the prices for grapes, wine, and leather this year. Due to the permanent overproduction , these commodity prices have long been in the basement. So it was decided in the Annual General Meeting that grapes, wine, and leather will be discontinued. The following products are now included commercially: ore, wood, and clay. In the evening, a trader from Athens donated two cart loads of illegal rum for the entire black market guild. All players of our trading game can now find the new offers on the black markets within the cities.