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current ship movements

06:52 : In Gibraltar arrives the 3 merchant ships of the emerging trading empire of TwiceRight.

06:50 : TwiceRight´s Kraweel reached the quay at the port of Saloniki.

06:47 : A gigantic merchant fleet, consisting of 10 ships from JTiberiusK, leaving the Port of Ajaccio towards Nizza.

06:47 : JTiberiusK´s gigantic merchant fleet of 10 ships starts from Ajaccio towards Tripolis.

06:46 : In the Port_said cast off a gigantic merchant fleet of JTiberiusK. If all goes well, it should soon arrive in Jafa.

06:45 : A gigantic merchant fleet, consisting of 10 ships from JTiberiusK, leaving the Port of Port_said towards Jafa.

06:44 : A big merchant fleet, consisting of 3 ships from JTiberiusK, leaving the Port of Split towards Bari.

06:43 : Signora Gaelico´s big merchant fleet of 3 ships starts from Lissabon towards Tanger.

06:43 : In the Nizza cast off a powerful merchant fleet of JTiberiusK. If all goes well, it should soon arrive in Cagliari.

06:42 : In the Tanger cast off a big merchant fleet of Signora Gaelico. If all goes well, it should soon arrive in Linosa.

    • Familie BrowsergameRise to mighty councillorTake important offices and expand your village to a trading metropolis
    • Schatzkammer im online HandelsspielBuild your own trading empireSet up lucrative production trees to gain valuable goods which can be selled.
    • Achtung Piraten in sichtRule the whole Mediterranean:Discover and visit foreign harbour towns with your giant fleet - from alexandria to venice.


    New Blueprints

    tradegame blueprints

    Builders, journeymen and apprentices! Pack your hammers and nails. A selection of new blueprints have arrived. All players are invited to bring fresh ideas with them into the homes of their trading partners. So please welcome the artisans to show off their skills. Each expansion will bring another bonus. Once again, a free building site is waved as a reward.

    The Treasures of the Abdalwadids

    find medieval trasure

    Get ready for the new adventures with Spanish rulers, a gold transport and the liberation of Ceute, a medieval small town near the coast. Take a short stop in Naxos to have necessary repairs carried out on your ships. Perhaps you will find some of the remaining treasure from the Venetian War. Take the sails and enjoy the adventures of our medieval browser gameVenetian

    Happy New Year 2016

    trade game 2016

    The Venetian Team wishes all players a healthy and prosperous year 2016. Together we look forward already to a commercially successful year in our Venetian world. Also, this year will bring new challenges in building your trading empire. For this purpose, you are able to build many new ships. And new possibilities open up world trade this year. Do not miss it to participate the new guild missions. You can start right away again. We look forward to welcoming you back in the Venetian game, trade and forum.

  • About the game

    Set up your own giant empire over the whole Mediterranean with clever trading. By producing and selling of valuable goods you'll become a wealthy man.

    Set sails and discover new harbour towns and lucrative trading spots. Learn master the dangers of the sea and rise to become an experienced salesman.

    Come together with many other players in guilds and take important offices to gain more power and incluence within your town.