Venetians - Merchant's Dynasty

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current ship movements

09:36 : In Palermo arrives the 7 merchant ships of the emerging trading empire of durohakler.

09:35 : The powerful merchant fleet of Schwarzer just arrives into the harbor of Tunis.

09:35 : In the port of Susa shall arrives just a powerful merchant fleet of maxiomi62.

09:35 : JTiberiusK´s Clipper reached the quay at the port of Genua.

09:34 : alibi2015´s gigantic merchant fleet of 10 ships starts from Bari towards Cagliari.

09:34 : A gigantic merchant fleet, consisting of 10 ships from alibi2015, leaving the Port of Bari towards Malta.

09:34 : A Schnelle Scholle von obelix73 takes just course from Almeria to Oran on.

09:34 : In the Susa cast off a powerful merchant fleet of Ehlomad. If all goes well, it should soon arrive in Malta.

09:33 : Ehlomad´s powerful merchant fleet of 9 ships starts from Susa towards Athen.

09:32 : A gigantic merchant fleet, consisting of 10 ships from tina 3, leaving the Port of Alexandria towards Athen.

your fun game

Are your tactical skills of a strategist and the ambitious ideals of a ruler strong enough to guide your town to fame and fortune? In this fun game, as a trader, you can find out.

venecians fun gameYou begin your career as an ordinary citizen, but over time you will lead your city into a powerful trading empire. This is, beyond question, a great venture, but with the right sense of worthwhile shops, you will master the challenge of playing. Place a well-developed fleet together to withstand the dangers of the Mediterranean in this business simulation and transport your goods as merchants from Lisbon to Venezia. Bring more life in the prosperous economy by building buildings and upgrading them through on-going production. Become a sugarcane king. Team up with numerous other players also in online guilds and hold important offices in order to enhance your prestige. On the high seas, risky battles await for your courageous efforts. Show the ruthless pirates, you are not limited to your strategic skills in regards to the action.

For every battle won in this free game you will be richly rewarded and a step closer to your goal. Do you want to start as a trader in this free game? So, wait no longer to embark on a journey where you'll set sail on a fantastic Mediterranean adventure.