Venetians - Merchant's Dynasty

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current ship movements

09:40 : The powerful merchant fleet of zorro just arrives into the harbor of Susa.

09:40 : In the port of Rhodos shall arrives just a powerful merchant fleet of zorro.

09:36 : Ambrogino´s powerful merchant fleet of 8 ships starts from Alexandria towards Beirut.

09:35 : A gigantic merchant fleet, consisting of 10 ships from Ambrogino, leaving the Port of Rhodos towards Beirut.

09:35 : A powerful merchant fleet, consisting of 8 ships from HPH, leaving the Port of Athen towards Rhodos.

09:34 : In the Constanta cast off a gigantic merchant fleet of HPH. If all goes well, it should soon arrive in Bari.

09:33 : HPH´s gigantic merchant fleet of 10 ships starts from Athen towards Rhodos.

09:33 : A Galley von HPH takes just course from Zypern to Antalya on.

09:33 : zorro´s Bombarde reached the quay at the port of Linosa.

09:32 : A gigantic merchant fleet, consisting of 10 ships from HPH, leaving the Port of Rhodos towards Athen.

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